Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Whatcha Doing?

So, the most popular question I've gotten so far is: "now, what exactly are you doing in India, again?" And now that I've been here a few days, I am actually able to answer that question, I think. I'm officially working for both the Admissions Office and the high school Library this year. Since the start of school is a slow time for Admissions, right now I'm working full-time in the library and then, starting in September, I'll add hours in Admissions until, by the end of the year, I"ll probably be full-time in Admissions. In the library, I'm doing a lot of data entry and general record-keeping cleanup. For example, my first task was to "process" a bunch of books that had been pulled out and ear-marked to be tossed (like the Guinness Book of World Records from the late 80s...yikes). Anyways, I had to go through and do all the appropriate stamping, sorting, data base updating, etc. It's a redundant system so everything takes a long time, and it doesn't require much brain power, but that's okay. After that, I get to tackle the archive room. A bunch of books were moved down for storage, but they didn't take the time to actually shelve them--they just piled books haphazardly around the room in no particular order. So I'm sorting and shelving and then making sure all the books are in the computer data base. They're only just now going computerized so everything has to get entered in. Which is where I come in. My ipod and I hang out in the basement and wile away the hours.
So yeah, that's what I'm doing. Plus a few extra curriculars. I've started playing the piano again and the music director has been making noises about recruiting me to teach some lessons. I'm not so sure about that--I'm SUPER rusty, but we'll see. I've also signed on to chaperone a high school hike this weekend. I don't really know what it entails other than that I get to march along at the back of the pack carrying a first aid kit and salt for the leeches (ewwwwwwww). I've been promised that it is an "easy" hike and that I won't embarrass myself utterly in front of the kids. We'll see. I would just really prefer not to come back covered in leeches. That's one of the downsides to living in a tropical monsoon climate.
That's it for now. Dinner is calling my name.


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