Monday, September 12, 2005

High School = Crazy

Have I mentioned that I love working in the high school library? I get to interact with the kids and watch their insane antics, without feeling like I have to take too much of a hand in controlling them. I patrol the computer lab shrieking "no playing games! How many times do I have to tell you that?" and must sternly inform wayward students that they will NOT be playing full-contact hide and seek while I'm on duty, but most of the time I can just laugh at them.

For example, Friday was "Friendship Day." This really translates into "Gently Haze the 9th Graders Day." The 12th graders pair off with 9th graders and then do silly things to them all day. The school monitors it very carefully so it mainly stays in good taste and good fun. Somehow it has evolved into a sort of Halloween event because most of the seniors dressed their freshman buddies up in bizarre outfits. I saw hippies and samurai. Snow White. A giant cake. A basket of laundry. Go figure. Often the 12th graders dressed up as well, in a costume that matched or complemented their 9th grader. So Snow White had a Prince Charming. It was cute.

The other part of the day is that the 9th graders get a list of "dares" from their buddy that they're supposed to complete. Again, mainly harmless. I had several red-faced boys shuffle up to me at the desk and mumble "will you marry me?" then turn tail and run. And I witnessed a mummy dancing and singing "I want some hot stuff baby this evening" to a 50 year old Irish man who teaches Physics. A good time was had by all. Although I did have to ruin their fun once in the library because I spotted a young man in a dress and hot-pink wig dancing on one of the tables and was forced to make him come down.


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