Thursday, November 24, 2005

Why I Love Living in India

As I was walking to school this morning, zigging and zagging down the switchbacks, I saw motion ahead of me so I paused to check it out. And there, in a clearing below me was a troop of adolescent Languors break-dancing. Okay, they were probably just playing, but it did look rather like break-dancing. There were about 10 of them frolicking about together and it was about the cutest thing ever. Most of the time Languors stick to the trees—they’re far more arboreal than the Rhesus Monkeys of Death—and I had never really seen them moving about on land before. It’s quite a sight. They would stand up on their hind legs and sort of hop about for a few paces before thunking back down on all fours, sometimes with spins or summersaults thrown in for good measure. Then they’re pause for a little bit until one would break the stillness by tackling his neighbor and the romping would begin once more. It was great.

Then, after I had torn myself away and continued walking, I got my first glimpse of a Pine Marten. These little creatures are related to the weasel but are much more winsome. Their coat changes with the seasons from tan to black and right now they’re in between. This one had a black head and big black bushy tail but a tan body. They’re slightly larger than your average housecat and quite shy so I was lucky to meet him. He was shuffling up the mountainside towards the path, though he quickly reversed direction when he realized the path was occupied.

With all these fun sights I was a bit late to work, but it was worth it.

**Note: I didn’t take the picture of the Pine Marten. I found it online. This is why you should never leave the house without your camera.


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