Monday, March 20, 2006

Never-Ending Weekend

I just had one of those glorious weekends that seems to stretch on forever because you’re luxuriating in a continuous stream of Things You Enjoy. It was warm, it was gorgeous, I had nothing pressing on my agenda and so I filled my weekend doing all the things I love. I did yoga, threw my first-ever pot on a wheel, played tennis, slept outside in the sun, read two novels cover to cover, hiked to the grocery store in shorts just to get an ice cream cone, talked to my parents and to Josh on the phone, and watched Pride and Prejudice. Fantastic.

Plus, my house was suffused with a sort of manic happy energy the whole weekend, produced by the fact that my housemates Jamie and Ethan got engaged Friday night. General rejoicing all around. We were bouncing off the walls all weekend and that just added to its goodness.


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