Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Hey! I'm Blogging!

Well isn't this snazzy? I have my very own blog thingy. Fun! With any luck I'll be able to update this fairly frequently once I get settled at Woodstock. Fingers crossed!

Good news on the visa front. I finally have it all sorted out, do in fact have the correct kind of visa, and can actually plan on arriving chez Woodstock on July 27th, 2005. HUZZAH!

So, dear friends who might be reading this, spead the word and the address so everyone can keep posted on me and I won't have to send a bazillion e-mails a day (no know I'd love nothing more than to spend 7 hours each and every day writing sweet personalized e-mails to each and every one of you! :-) . I don't have a Woodstock e-mail yet, but once I do I'll post it here because they'd prefer I use their system than all the others I have.

Ciao! (hmmm...that's not hindi...gotta work on that)