Sunday, June 12, 2005


Shalom from the land of Israel! I've (finally) arrived safely at Kibbutz Gal'on and will hopefully stop being jetlagged sometime in the next year. :-) Getting over here was a LONG process. Weather delays made three of us travelling together 3 1/2 hours late to New York and when we arrived we discovered they had given away our seats on the flight. Actually, they bumped almost 250 people. I thought there might be a brawl right there in the airport. People were seriously upset about the whole ordeal. We ended up sleeping on the floor of JFK--an experience I would not recommend! But we eventually made it here, arriving on the Kibbutz at about 5am Saturday morning.
Saturday was mainly a sleep day and we slowly began work this morning. We mainly just set up our "pottery compound" at the Kibbutz where we wash all the finds and mark and analyze them. Pretty easy day compared with tomorrow. Now tomorrow we get to hit the site for real. The brush covering the site is waist high in some places and we have to whack it all down with hoes before we can really start working. It'll probably be the most strenuous day of the dig but at least it gets easier from there.
I finally figured out how to post pictures here so I'll put some up of the Kibbutz and the Tel soon.
Now, given that the days start at the crack of dawn and is is now 9:30...I'm going to sleep! 'Night!

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