Monday, October 10, 2005

The Weekend Report

Okay, despite the fact that I didn’t really do anything this weekend – I am loving not being in school and not having to do homework on a Sunday afternoon – I still have several exciting things to report.

1) I experienced my first earthquake! And I’m fine. No need to panic. I realize the darn new stations keep reporting only that Pakistan and “Northern India” were rocked by a massive quake, but allow me to clarify. Pakistan got hit horribly, and it’s a mess there. Some bits of India suffered some damage (like Kashmir). In Mussoorie, the chairs rocked for about 2 minutes. That was all. But, for me it was all very exciting anyways. I was sitting in the sun room reading Harry Potter when I suddenly felt kinda woozy. I looked up from the book and realized the wooziness probably stemmed from the fact that the room was moving. This actually took a few moments to fully comprehend. I stared blankly at the chairs that were swaying back and forth, realized I was swaying with them, and finally a synapse kicked in and the little “earthquake” light bulb went on in my head. By which point it was over.

2) I am pleased to report the return of Basanti, my puppy friend. I realize that none of you knew she was missing, but she was for about two days and I was terribly afraid that a horrid mean monkey had eaten her. But she’s back so all is well.

3) But speaking of horrid, mean monkeys, my housemate Joanna and I had quite a scare yesterday. We were hanging out in the sunroom (of course—that’s where we live) and noticed a large pack of the buggers in the yard, grazing. No problem. They’re outside, we’re inside. Except that Joanna suddenly realized she hadn’t bolted her apartment door, allowing for the possibility that they could get inside. Ack! We crept outside together –safety in numbers and all that jazz – to quick check the door…just in time to see a mother and an adolescent monkey disappearing into her apartment. Not good. Joanna immediately leapt into Attack Teacher mode, raced over to the apartment and shouted “OUT!” while pointing dramatically with one hand. And, interestingly enough, they came out. But they weren’t happy about it and suddenly decided to attack. She got into the house and closed the door just as the adolescent threw himself at the door. Repeatedly. And of course, I was still standing outside, somewhat shell-shocked until a snarling monkey broke me from my trance and sent me fleeing into my side of the house. Nasty critters, really.

4) In other, happier, news—I bought an oven! Hooray! A pair of teachers is leaving and they were selling all their stuff, so I got it at a bargain price. And of course I had to make sure it worked so I made French bread, apricot/walnut bread, and chocolate peanut butter cookie bars. Now I have to distribute the food items quickly, lest I eat them all myself and suddenly weight 300 pounds. Fortunately, there has never been a shortage of willing snack-tasters here.


At 2:15 PM, Blogger Emily said...

Oh Kate. "I'm not planning to cook anything in India because they feed me and it's too much trouble". Ha! I KNEW you couldn't resist it! Now we can compare notes on preparing elaborate thanksgiving dinners for people who don't have thanksgiving and therefore don't realise how important they are! I'm managing to get them trained, though.. Two years in and I've got people asking when it is and what they should bring already.


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