Friday, March 24, 2006

Unexpected Audience

I think that one of the most unexpected pleasures that I’ve gotten from blogging is the comments that people leave. When I started this blog, I was basically writing for my parents and my grandfather. He attended Woodstock School as a boy and I wanted to be able to give him regular updates on my experiences so he could see the Woodstock of Today through my eyes. It never really occurred to me that anyone else would read it!

And so it’s been lovely to learn that other people follow and enjoy what I write. And the “comment” phenomenon is great. My friend Emily shares her own experiences in London that correlate to mine (such as a very funny discussion of Al Fresco Peeing) as well as cooking tips and general humor. And my other friends drop a line every now and again.

The second category of comments come from people I don’t know but who happened upon my blog for some reason. Sometimes this is annoying—as when some rabid and ridiculous Indian men took offense at a posting. But more often, it’s lovely. I’ve particularly enjoyed receiving notes from two Ex-Woodstockers who share their own memories and experiences. Keep ‘em coming, Preya and Rhonda!

And sometimes, a blog can help you re-connect with people you’d lost track of. For example, I suddenly got a comment from my roommate on an archaeological dig in Israel during the summer of 2000. Wicked cool. I love it!

So despite feeling slightly self-conscious to actually have an audience for my ramblings, I do love to get “hellos” so Thank You!


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