Monday, December 05, 2005

The Party Report

Well, I am pleased to report that the first annual Mt. Hermon Holiday Shindig went off splendidly. And this despite (or maybe even because of) the power failure half-way through. There’s something quite perfect about singing Christmas carols by firelight, accompanied by an acoustic guitar and a violin.

The day started out on a bit of a stressful note when I awoke to discover that we had no electricity. So much for my plans to do laundry and bake all day! But it eventually came back on and Joanna and I made use of the waiting time to finish up the last of the paper chains, construct a large glittery “Happy Christmas” sign for over the mantle, and move furniture about. I must say I am rather proud of the transformation enacted upon our dining room. Ordinarily this room is utterly bare of furniture and the ugly, stained fibrous floor covering, boarded up fireplace, and robin’s egg blue walls create very little atmosphere. But do not despair! Kate and Joanna, interior decorators, to the rescue!

We borrowed a couple rugs to cover the stains on the floor, hung Christmas lights on the walls, and bright garlands from the lights and doors. A friend came by and set up an electric keyboard in the corner which we festooned with glittery gold cardboard stars. We pulled a couple chairs and a couch in from the sunroom and taped colored bells and trees to the walls and the place began to look festive. And then, the crowning achievement. Joanna suggested we un-board the fireplace, just to see was there. And lo and behold! A GORGEOUS, old-fashioned, wrought iron fireplace. But could the chimney possibly be open? It could! (We tested this by having Joanna climb on the roof and look down the chimney while I shone a flashlight up it). So, as our guests arrived, they were greeted by the cheerful and utterly Christmassy sight of a roaring fire where just yesterday there was an ugly piece of sheet metal. It was grand. And when the lights went out, the light of the fire kept the party going.

So we all ate snacks and visited and sang till our throats were sore. Joanna’s mom came dressed as Mrs. Clause and read of The Polar Express. Brian spiked the cider with rum and Joanna’s sugar cookies just kept coming. Jamie taught us hand gestures to “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” and everyone joined in on the chorus of “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer.” I myself wore reindeer antlers, which more than one person said “suited me.” I’m not sure what that means, exactly, but I took it as a compliment.


At 5:13 PM, Anonymous Melissa Snyder said...

OMG!!! Kate, your journal entries crack me up! I can't wait to see you and Josh over Christmas Break! :)


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