Thursday, March 30, 2006

Punctuated Equilibrium

Well, I think I may have proven the evolutionary theory of Punctuated Equilibrium (the idea that evolution doesn’t happen as a continuous action but is characterized by plateaus of non-change and then sudden leaps). How did I achieve this scientific marvel? Yoga, of course.

I’ve now been doing yoga classes three times a week—for a total of 5 hours—for a whole month. When I first started, I wasn’t super thrilled with the classes, in part because they just highlighted what a weenie I am. We always start with ab exercises and I suck at those. And I’m not as flexible as I imagined myself to be. My instructor said not to worry, that in a month I’d be much better. “Ha” I thought. And for the next three weeks I seemed to be right. I went regularly and worked as hard as I could but didn’t see much improvement.

And then—suddenly!—I became a Yoga Queen. Seriously. This Monday, everything just clicked and I am now about 10 times better than I was last week. I have no idea how or why but I can do more leg rotations and evil leg raises. I held my poses so perfectly that I got a “wow” from our reticent instructor. And my leg muscles finally decided to stretch. I am one of those people that is doing good to touch my toes. And yet Monday night, there I was, sitting on the floor, feet straight out in front of me, with my Head On My Knees. Yes, that is correct. Head On Knees. I felt like Gumby.

So there you have it. Punctuated Equilibrium. No longer just a scientific theory. Now an exercise fact.


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